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You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.
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Anonymous: I've been dating this guy for almost 2 months now and it's a LDR, but I always think that he's in love with a different girl and he's not gonna tell me. But he always calls me to check up on me. I don't want to tell my parents cause I'm afraid that they will get super mad and make me break up with him.. I really don't want that to happen 😔 how do I know if he's lying to me, but I just really don't know. He always sends me long paragraphs that are super sweet. Please help. 

Long distance relationships are all about trust and communication, if you don’t trust him or have doubts the relationship is going to fall apart

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Anonymous: Well me and my ex dated for 7 months, he made me happy and i made him happy but we just started to drift and we werent as close as we used to be. He ended it and his excuse was that i flirted with other boys and that hurted him. I never meant to and i miss him so much i cant go through a day without thibking about him but we dont talk anymore. I still love him what should i do? 

they say shit like that to make you think the breakup was your fault, it’s not your fault

don’t chase him, live life without him, become stronger, grow from the experience, and move on

i promise it’s worth it

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I think the weirdest part was when i ended up going to his school and everyone already knew who i was from his friends telling them about me. I made friends through it but also struggled since his ex girlfriend from many years ago wanted to make my life a living hell although she was in a relationship of her own. She bullied me non-stop, sent me tonnes of hate online was racists towards me and stole my phone. I’d never actually had someone want me gone so badly. Jamie pulled me through it and so did the lovely counsellor at school. I’m am so over that now and glad i’m still with the person that makes me happy. 
Young love<3

jamie: 17 hen: 15
Anonymous: Okay so I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and I'm totally crazy for him and I know he feels the same... but he still hasn't kissed me. Or even held my hand. We rarely hug but we always talk about love and i know he loves me I just..I want him to show it more?? Also he still introduces me to others as his friend rather than girlfriend.. How can I get him to show more affection?? He's not super shy but he's not super confident either..Help?? 

Well first of all, how old are you two? He might just be kind of shy. I would talk to him about the whole thing with him introducing you to people as just his friend… that’s a little much!

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Anonymous: Pt2I'm so upset bc yes there was a time I wanted him to know abt me, but after I wanted nothing more but be someone to him. I wish we could have continued the convo, but his cut me off completely by unfollowing me. He said he'd never like to talk again or be face to face with me. I don't get why it's in our nature when we're heartbroken, to break the heart of another. He doesn't even want to get to know me, he wants me to move on, but it's so so late. I miss him so much. 

if he is asking for you to move on, let him go girl, it’ll be hard but you’ll come out stronger, i promise

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whydontyouloveme24: I'm really really in love with this boy. He makes me really happy and I like to talk about him a lot but when I do everyone seems annoyed...I want to express how I feel without being obnoxious...tips? 

Hahahah there isn’t any tips I can give you for that, other than just coming online and expressing yourself. ALLLLLLLL of my friends and family members get annoyed whenever I talk about my boyfriend who I now have been with for a good year and a half. People are simply incapable of being happy for others. You aren’t annoying, they’re just dumb.

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Anonymous: Hey so you answered my question about my friend that I like who is different than me physically-Lol that sounds stupid... So yeah none of my friends know that I like him because they can be kind of judgmental at times and I don't want them to be rude about me having feelings for him- also, he flirts with me but sometimes I think it's just him joking around w me or that he just doesn't realize he's doing it. Sometimes I'm worried that he isn't interested at all bc he can be a little terse and... 

hahah no all guys are like that, some are really into flirting and sweet talking and others are like meh… you just really have to play it cool and go with the flow and not seem too attention needy, you know? Have you two talked about feelings towards each other? If he is uninterested in your conversation just try to steer the conversation towards something else that he is interested in. Guys love it when girls are interested in the same things they are, or at least make the effort to be excited for the stuff that they are interested in :)

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Anonymous: How do u know if u are in love with your ex or in love with the thing u did with him? Confused about feelings for my ex. Please help😣😣 

wellllll does your ex treat you like shit? Do you only think of happy times with him? Was he different towards the end of your relationship? 

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Vanessa & Erik, 17, 01.03.2014
He was my magical summer romance and first love. Letting go is the hardest part…but he’s still my whole world. :)
Nick and Melissa, 19 and 18
My blog: http://youretoooldtobesoshyyy.tumblr.com/ 

Anonymous: Hey, I don't know what to do oomf wants to be friends with benefits but I don't want to be that. I want to have a relationship. I don't think that's right at all. He's a nice guy and he would be a great bf because he's a great listener and really fun to talk to. I guess he gave up on relationships. He says they are too complicated. He wants to so something in physiology or be a athletic trainer. I want to be a dirt bike trainer or a therapist. I don't know what to do😭 

He is telling you he wants to be friends with benefits because he can see himself fucking you, but not committing to you. If you have more than friendly feelings for him, spare yourself the heartache and don’t pursue him.

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