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Anonymous: Hey, I don't know what to do oomf wants to be friends with benefits but I don't want to be that. I want to have a relationship. I don't think that's right at all. He's a nice guy and he would be a great bf because he's a great listener and really fun to talk to. I guess he gave up on relationships. He says they are too complicated. He wants to so something in physiology or be a athletic trainer. I want to be a dirt bike trainer or a therapist. I don't know what to do😭 

He is telling you he wants to be friends with benefits because he can see himself fucking you, but not committing to you. If you have more than friendly feelings for him, spare yourself the heartache and don’t pursue him.

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Anonymous: part 1: Hi! so about a year ago, i met this guy online, he lives in spain while i live in belgium, so the distance sucks. he's also 2 years older then me but anyways, i kinda fell for him 2 months after i met him, i told him, he said he loved me too but he didnt want to start a realtionship because of the distance. i was okay with it. after 3 months we started fighting a lot, we thought about ending everything many times, but ended up trying again. we kind of started talking less, and... 

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Anonymous: part 2: ... and i started to fall for another guy, that guy broke my heart, and the day i ended things with my ex, he started talking to me more again. we have been talking a lot since then, and we're good, i'm madly in love with him, since we have soo much in common, and we look at things in the same way, but i'm not sure if he loves me back in THAT way, cause he says 'i love you' and all, but i'm not sure, i'm afraid to ask him, cause i used to bring it up alot in the past.. what shoul i do? 

I think you shouldn’t let your insecurities get in the way of him loving you. Are you two dating? Because if you’re dating you should assume he loves you in “that” way, ya know? The only advice I really have is, never interrupt someone when they’re trying to love you.

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Anonymous: hi :) so I was at a party one night with my friends and they introduced me to these two twin boys who were French and their sister, I ended up becoming great friends with them and we had so much fun together and I reallyyyyy liked on of the twins and we used to hit it off so well and have so much fun together just me and him!! but then we spent a week apart because he went on a trip and after that he was very distant and when we hung out it felt like we lost our spark I tried asking him about it 

What did he tell you when you had asked him about it?

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victorialeighhhh: Will you reblog my most recent picture of my boyfriend kissing me? Please and thank you!:) 

just did :)

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This photo was taken for a couples shoot by my friend Sabrina Fattal. Josh and I are 18, and we have been dating since Sep. 2 ‘13. Our relationship is anything but perfect, but in itself, it’s a wonderful realistic representation of how life is. We have arguments and misunderstandings but we know exactly what is happening as it happens and we don’t shy away from talking about the issue and we don’t shy away from taking to steps to resolve it. I love him more than anything, and I figured it would be worthwhile to share it with you.
My URL is ContemplateLife. 
Anonymous: How can I get mine and my boyfriends pictures reblogged on your page and get more followers on tumblr? 

just send me the link to the pictures and I will reblog them, or submit them and leave your links :)

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Anonymous: About 6 months ago my bestfriend lost her virginity to this guy but they never dated or had anything to serious, recently we started talking and he told me he likes me. One day we hungout and ended up making out. I told my bestfriend and she flipped out and idk what to do because i think i like him back. Should i keep talking to him and possibly ruin my friendship or tell him we cant talk anymore and possibly ruin a good relationship???? 

Ugh this is such a hard one… I mean, people will definitely talk shit, especially if you’re still in high school, so be ready for that! BUT ALSO BE READY for him to try and sleep with you. Because if she lost her virginity to him and they weren’t dating, chances are he was flirting with her and stuff and leading her on to get sex. I’m sure she was hurt by the whole or deal. I mean, it’s your go. I would definitely talk to your friend though, and see what happened in detail between them because he could be doing the same to you… just be careful!

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Anonymous: So like I've been liking this guy for about 3 months now and before that we were best friends and we finally started becoming more than that. But the thing is my friend dated him last year for awhile but she has been with 3 other people since then he has dated Another girl since then. Is it bad to date him even though they dated in the past? 

No. I never understood the friend rule, for some reason. If he is on the market, and you two have a connection and care for each other, go for it. Your friend lost out and they didn’t work out and she clearly has moved on, so I think it’s safe that you have waited long enough and can really start talking to this guy.

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