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imcoolerthanyouu: Do you think it's healthy to be with someone who doesn't let you have guy friends and tries to control your life ? 

Not one bit. I feel you girl, I’m in a shitty situation like that too. Except my boyfriend’s controlling tendencies have started far into the relationship so it’s really hard to decide whether I stay or leave.

I do know for sure, that it isn’t healthy though.

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Anonymous: I've been talking to this guy for the past 3 months. And he is driving me up a wall. I have a major crush on him, except I don't want a relationship & he says he don't want one either. Just because of stuff we've gone through in the past because of other people. It seems like he has a thing for me to but isn't willing to admit it to me or himself. He's super protective over me and just does so much cute stuff. We've hooked up a few times & he stays for hours after to watch movies and stuff. Help 

I think you guys are in what we call a “situationship”.

There isn’t anything wrong with it, in my eyes. You two clearly like each other and enjoy one another’s company. This is a good start to a healthy relationship. 

One thing you both need to learn is to not bring the poison from past relationships, to present ones. It’s toxic. I think if you two can let go of your past and trust in one another, then you two will have a really amazing relationship.

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Anonymous: 1.) I love your blog and think it's the shit 2.) I like this guys and asked him out, but the same day another girl asked him out at a different time. he didn't say anything to either of us, and I'm really nervous to his answer. what should I do? I really like him too. 

I would just wait patiently and don’t bombard him with texts or anything! And make sure you remind yourself that if he says no to you and yes to the other girl, it isn’t because there is anything wrong with you. Okay?

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We are both absolutely ridiculous and absolutely crazy about each other 
Cage: 17  Lacey:17
9/22/2013 <3
Me and my boyfriend ♥
Anonymous: So I've been talking to this guy for a few months now and he's so nice anyways we've been to party's and stuff and nearly kissed but he got super drunk :/ since then he has expressed his feelings to his friends and my friends who have told me how he feels and he even asked me to meet up with him and 2 friends back in the UK but I won't be able to go :( anyway at the start of the school year what should i do to get him to express his feelings to me and not his friends? 
The best way is to be expressive to him as well, about how you are feeling. Maybe he is just naturally shy and has a hard time opening up to the people he cares about? I would just take the time and effort to get to know him better and make him feel comfortable :)
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Anonymous: Swimmer: have a crush on one my closest friends and we talk now and then, but its so awkward for some reason. Im not sure if he likes me back or not and i drives me insane. But i had a sleepover for my birthday and i invited one of the guys from my team. I think im falling for him also but he goes to another school district.... Im so confused on who to like and what would happen if i tell them i like them or if they like me back... ITS ALL SO CONFUSING ;-; 
Wellllll, how often do both of the boys talk to you? My only suggestion is to pick one boy to pursue. Things will fall apart if you’re trying to divide your time between them, trust me. And then you may start to have feelings for both and that means you are going to hurt one of them and believe me you hurt yourself in the process.
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Anonymous: How do we say our story and share the pictures to you? I'm new lol 
There should be a little link towards the left hand side of my blog, it’ll say “submit”. I’m pretty sure it’s to the lower left of my icon :)
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Anonymous: So I'm kinda lost I don't know what to do I like this guy, he's a senior I'm junior and we don't have any friends in common it's more like a crush on him but I have no idea in how to start talking to him 

Girrrrrl just say hi! Confidence! Or start making eye contact with him to hint that you are interested!

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We met on here over a year a half ago when neither of us thought we were looking someone and somehow we found everything we’d ever wanted in each other. I love her with all my heart.
I’m Sarah and this is me with my boyfriend, Mike. We’ve been best friends for two years and in a relationship for 6 and a half months, after both struggling through unhealthy relationships while knowing we should be together. When we finally admitted our feelings to ourselves and each other, my life changed completely. He has made me so much better in every way and I’ve learned so much from him, I don’t even think I know how to be without him anymore. He is absolutely my other half. I regret so much that I wasted so much time ignoring how I feel about him because the day that ends our seventh month together is the day I leave for college and I’m terrified. Seven months is not enough time and if college does in fact ruin the relationship, I will never stop regretting that ignorance. I can’t let him be the one that gets away, he’s the love of my life. I have hope though. Distance is just a number, love is everything else.